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Professional Food & Nutritional Advice for Optimum Health

Consulting Dietitians are highly trained food and nutrition professionals promoting good health through optimal nutrition.
We advise on nutritional requirements, nutrition issues, food and health.

Leading the way to optimum health

Depending on the client’s requirements, our professional nutritionist advice may be about helping people to change their eating habits and lifestyle, finding dietary solutions for hospital patients or for the critically ill or helping with research projects.  We may provide advice for disabled children, meal plans for teenagers in community care facilities or run a workshop on healthy eating choices for busy people in the corporate world.

Consulting Dietitians provides expert and professional nutritional advice founded on the latest evidence-based research.

Our combined expertise

Our combined expertise covers a wide spectrum of dietetic areas:-
  • Acute surgical
  • Tube feeding for acutely ill patients
  • Aged care
  • Food safety, quality standards and project co-ordination
  • Kitchen and food service management
  • Scientific research and writing of food-related articles
  • Providing advice on menus and healthy choices in workplaces
  • Nutrition workshops and seminars
  • Evaluating, planning and implementing effective community nutrition promotions

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